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Within a very short space of time, Quest has been built up from a start-up to a successful agency through providing quality services.  Our dream and goal is that through every quality person we place in an organization, the business will become even more successful and the individual will excel.

So if you are looking for Quality Staff, and you need them NOW (let's face it time is money and spending a Month finding a Staff member is just costing you $$), then contact us now.  With over 23,000 (that's right 23,000) candidates on our searchable database we are able to find you Qualified Candidates, fast!  In fact we will have CV's to you in 5 Working Days.

Call us now and save time, money and the uncertainty about getting the right Staff on board to grow your business!

  • be considered for every role we have available
  • confidentiality assured
  • advertise your role for free!
  • browse our online database
  • Use our simple 3-step process
  • let Quest do all the work!