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Keep your CV short and sweet (not longer than 5 pages)

Include the following in your CV:

Have your details in chronological order, start from your most recent role.  Only describe your 3 most recent roles in detail. Great Resumes and Covering Letters: your key to top jobs! 
We are pleased to offer the following tips for job seekers. Below you will find tips for covering letters, content advice for resumes, and some suggestions of 'action' words that will help to explain the dynamic nature of your work history.

Covering Letters: Do I need one? Absolutely!
In this age of Electronic job search - e-mail, faxes etc. a covering letter is an especially important way to introduce yourself to Recruiters and potential employers.

Your covering letter should say all that you would say as an introduction. Include a description of the kind of position you are seeking, some of your major strengths, what makes you special, etc.

Also give information about your desire or willingness to relocate if there is a geographical area which you would consider. If you are applying for a position outside of the area of your career history, mention the skills you have which would make you a strong contender for the position listed.


Tips: it's best to let your resume speak for itself, rather than including graphics, or sending print copies on coloured paper. This avoids problems with clarity of conversation, copying, faxing etc. While we can receive resumes by post and fax, E-mailed resumes are most easily integrated into our system.

Sample Format:

Contact details
First Name, Last Name
Address, City, Province
Phone, Email

The overview is a brief, (3 or 4 line) summary of your key strengths and the kind of position you are seeking. This can be especially important if you are applying for a position outside of your direct career background or if the position you seek isn't obvious from your resume.

Include key education, as it relates to the position, such as Post-Secondary education, Professional Designations. Leave out very short or unrelated courses.

City, Province
Degree / designation program and specialization

Professional Experience
In chronological order, list your most recent experience first, with responsibilities clearly highlighted.

Explain principal duties, responsibilities and achievements. 3 or 4 bullets for each position, each at 2 - 3 lines per bullet
Highlight special skills, such as Computer programs you have mastered. It's a good idea to gear your resume to highlight the experience and strengths relating to the specific position you seek.

Skills and Accomplishments
This section offers an appropriate place to list skills that are not necessarily tied to a specific position. Some possible content could include computer systems you work with, courses you have taken, awards you have received or your interests.

Simply writing "Available upon request" is fine. If you choose to add the names and numbers of references, please make sure that they are able to provide positive comments about your work history. Do not list any reference names unless you are prepared for them to receive calls about your work.

Action Verbs
Accepted, Accrued, Achieved, Acquired, Administered, Advised, Analysed, Anticipated, Appointed, Arranged, Assessed, Audited, Avoided, Centralised, Certified, Collaborated, Combined, Composed, Conceived, Concluded, Conducted, Controlled, Converted, Corrected, Created, Decentralised, Decreased, Defined, Demonstrated, Designed, Determined, Developed, Devised, Directed, Effected, Eliminated, Employed, Enforced, Established, Evaluated, Executed, Expanded, Expedited, Extracted, Forecast, Formed, Formulated, Gave, Generated, Hired, Illustrated, Implemented, Improved, Improvised, Initiated, Inspired, Inspected, Instructed, Insured, Interpreted, Interviewed, Introduced, Investigated, Launched, Liquidated, Located, Maintained, Managed, Measured, Minimized, Modernised, Negotiated, Observed, Obtained, Offered, Operated, Organized, Originated, Passed, Planned, Prepared, Presented, Prevented, Processed, Procured, Produced, Provided, Published, Purchased, Recommended, Recruited, Reduced, Rejected, Related, Reorganized, Reported, Resolved, Restored, Reversed, Reviewed, Revised, Saved, Scheduled, Selected, Separated, Served, Settled, Simplified, Solved, Specified, Staffed, Stated, Stimulated, Streamlined, Supervised, Supported, Surveyed, Tabulated Terminated Tested Tracked Trained Trimmed Upgraded Utilized Varied Verified Wrote