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After so many years in the Recruiting business, our specialists really have seen it all in interviews. There are lots of factors affecting the final hire. While candidates can't influence the job's required skill or experience level, there is a great deal they can affect. From our experience, here are some suggestions aimed at helping applicants to put their best foot forward in the interview.

Show Initiative
Learn about the company, the products, industry, market etc. One of the goals of the interview is to find out what you will contribute to the organization and how you will fit with them. When the interview is set up, feel free to ask if they have any company information, such as a website, brochure, annual report, extended job description or company background information.

Make a strong and professional first impression
When applying for the position, and when you arrive for the interview, give them a sense of your professionalism. Dress as you would on the first day. If you get the impression that it's a casual environment, wait until you get the job to join in. Arrive five minutes early for the interview and wait patiently if they are late starting. Make sure you are calm - give yourself enough time and make sure your mind is on the interview, not your parking metre. Shake hands with the interviewers(s) and make eye contact during the interview.

Stay Positive
Focus on your past accomplishments. Talk about what you enjoyed about your previous position. Focus on new challenges. If an interview question explores what made you leave your last position, rather than making negative remarks about your previous employer, focus on what goals, challenges, priorities etc. you are seeking in this new position.